Disgusting – Reactions from the Left after Trump’s historic address to the Congress

Last night, Trump delivered a historic address to the Congress. It was the time for him to show that he can lead, that his agenda is real, and that he intends to unite the country. His words and the way he spoke them should have done just that.

The Left’s reactions were truly disrespectful and un-American! Not standing up for veterans and military personnel? Not applauding for putting Americans first? Booing when proposing to give a voice to the victims of illegal alien criminals? Who are they elected to represent and work for? What principles and values are they protecting?

It’s almost like there is NOTHING Trump can do or say to make them change their minds about his “racist” and “bigoted” agenda as President. It’s a hole that they dug for him and there is nothing he can do to climb out of it. It’s not even based in reality.

So, after this amazing heartfelt speech that brought tears to my eyes more than a few times, I had to ask myself how the Left was going to twist and contort this into something negative.


Jesus… These people are disgusting for thinking this way.


Doing what’s best for Americans sounds MISERABLE to the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Blabbermouth Shultz, or Keith Ellison. Pelosi looked like the wicked witch melllltttinnnngggggg!


And of course, Michael Moore crawls out from under his rock to turn everything upside down into negativity.

I don’t think the American people are going to stand for this much longer. I won’t be surprised if the Democratic voters start voting differently.

Here is a great video roundup of DemoRAT reactions by the Hard Bastard, who stated he will be changing his voter registration to no longer be Democrat after the appalling lack of respect displayed last night for basic American values.


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