Conservatism is the new counter-culture.

Conservatism is the new counter-culture. After eight years of Obama, our country has slid into a pseudo-Marxism, and the natural reaction to this absurd version of America is a new form of liberty-minded conservatism. The Left owns Hollywood, establishment Washington, and the Mainstream Media, thinks it owns Cool, Power, and our Minds. It thinks it controls what type of speech is acceptable, and what type of comedy is funny. The rational thinkers of our time need to take back our country. The late Andrew Breitbart famously said “Politics is downstream from culture.” We need to claim our culture, our freedom of speech, and our liberty. We need to define what our culture can be. We can’t let the Regressive Leftist Marxists delegitimize us in condescension.

The Left loses. The election of Trump was a nail in their coffin. Many more nails will be hammered in as they lose their minds and learn nothing from their failures. They lose on all fronts. They have lost their sense of humor, they lose debates by never engaging the other side, and they lose the argument all the time when they resort to censorship of ideas they don’t agree with or when they resort to violence.

The non-Left wins. We win because we have facts, optimism, and good arguments on our side. We win because we want what’s best for everyone, whether through merit and hard work or simple good luck. We don’t care how fortunate others are, and don’t want to take any fortune away from others. We want maximum liberty. We want sensible safety and security. We want voluntary associations. We want voluntary transactions. We want true free-market Capitalism and social and economic mobility. We wants all the rungs in the ladder, with equal opportunity and acceptance of whatever outcomes may be. We want to transcend what the left says is oppressing us because of our race, color, or creed. Our utopia is reached by personal responsibility, good principles, good nature, and hard work. We want to live in reality.

As of this writing, it is not safe for me to wear a MAGA hat or a Pepe lapel pin in my town. I could be physically hurt or socially ostracized. It is a crazy time to be liberty-minded in this progressive ocean of my area. It is unacceptable to have opposing views, no matter how reasonable and understandable. This website is meant for exposing the left for what it is, and to show the truth about the state of our nation’s politics through the lens of culture.


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